Logging in With Phone Number on Mobile App

Log in with a phone number feature is only available on the web browser version of Paxful and is not ready for mobile just yet. However, you still have two options to log in:

  • Verify your email address. You can verify your email address and use that to login to the mobile app. As an added bonus, your trading/send out limits will increase once your email address is verified.
    To verify your email address, just head to the Settings page of your Paxful account and click Verification. From there, you can verify your email address in just a few steps.
  • Use a web browser. You can still login using your phone number on our web version of Paxful—even on your mobile device. Just open up to your favorite browser and head to https://paxful.com.

Stay tuned for updates as our team is working hard to get this released on mobile.

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