Address verification requirements

Address verification is an important step towards validating your profile on Paxful. Your proof of address must meet the following requirements: 

  • It must be a legal and traceable document (e.g. scanned papers, official PDF downloads, etc.) displaying your full name and residential address. 


    • utility bill
    • bank statement
    • credit card statement (please note we are having issues with credit statements at the moment)
  • The address must be your current physical residential address (no older than 3 months). P.O. box address is not accepted.
  • Your document should be in English (Latin letters).
  • Your document must be in full color and must not be cropped.
  • The address on the document must match with the address entered by you.
  • If your document is written in a language that does not use the English alphabet, please have it translated and attach the following declaration along with the document: “I hereby certify that the attached document is an official and accurate translation of my document (document type). If found otherwise, Paxful has my authorization and full right to suspend my account and not refund the balance due to false information (Name and translation date)(Signature)."
    A review of such a request may take up to two weeks.

Here're the samples of great proofs of address. They are clear, legible, well lit, and have all the information we require:


See our address verification guide for more details.

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