Using Gift Code Check

Gift Code Check is specifically designed for trades using discount gift cards. This feature gives an opportunity to upload all necessary proofs of purchase and ownership before the actual trade starts. As a result, bitcoin sellers can avoid unresponsive trade partners. This guide will show how to use Gift Code Check from both the bitcoin seller’s and bitcoin buyer’s perspectives.

Currently, the Gift Code Check is available for the following card types:

  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Google Play
  • eBay
  • Steam Wallet
  • Playstation
  • Xbox

Using Gift Code Check as a bitcoin seller

Before a trade

To begin with, simply create an offer as usual.

While creating an offer, simply choose gift cards as a payment method. And on step 3 of offer creation flow (Trade instructions), add the "Automated" tag into the offer tags field.


Additionally, you can choose other offer tags according to your needs, however, some offer tags will trigger certain corresponding restrictions on the offer. For example, the “physical cards only” offer tag will remove the option to upload e-codes to your trade chat. Selecting the “no receipt needed” tag, will remove the option to upload a proof of purchase from the trade flow, and the buyer will not be able to send this information to you before the trade starts.


From this point on, follow our usual guidelines for offer creation.

During a trade

1. Once a trade has started, click View receipt in the trade chat.


The receipt of purchase dialog window appears.

2. Review the proof of purchase and click Accept & Reveal Gift Card.


The Gift card details box appears in the trade chat.

Note: You can click Decline & Cancel trade, to cancel the trade.

Tip: Click View original image for a better view of the picture.

 3. Click View card image to reveal the image of the gift card or Copy code to clipboard to use the gift card code.


4. After checking the validity of the gift card code, click Release bitcoin, and follow the next steps as usual.


Note: If you face any issues with the code, click Dispute to invite our moderators for an investigation.

Using Gift Code Check as a bitcoin buyer


  • Only one card can be used per trade. The card you have must match the value of your trade offer exactly.
  • Use a card in the same currency as stated in the offer terms.

1. On the offer page, click Submit gift cards.


A warning dialog box appears.

2. Read the warning messages with additional instructions and click Continue.


Gift Code Check page appears.

3. To choose your card type, click on one of the options in the list.


Note: If your offer has a tag such as “e-gift cards only” or “physical cards only”, this step will be handled automatically.

 4. To upload a receipt for your gift card, click Upload receipt.


The Select Files to Upload dialog window appears.


5. Select the file and click Upload.


Note: If your offer has the tag “no receipt needed”, this step will be removed from the flow.

Warning: Make sure your gift card code is not visible on this image! Bitcoin seller can easily cancel the trade after viewing this picture.

 6. To upload a gift card image, click Upload image.


The Select Files to Upload dialog window appears.


7. Select the file and click Upload.


Note:  If you’re trading an e-card, this step is removed from the flow.

8. Enter the code into the Gift card code field, enter the card value into the Card amount field and click Save card & continue.



  • Click Delete card to submit a different card.
  • Click Back to offer to return to the offer page.

The trade chat page appears. Wait for the bitcoin seller to view your receipt, check your card, and release bitcoin into your wallet.


  • To view more information about your trade partner, click Show details on the top right corner.
  • If your trade gets canceled, your gift card details are stored in our database. Before your next trade, click Submit gift cards and select one of your saved cards from the dialogue box that appears.


See our article about gift card trades specifics. Also, check our guide on how to create an offer to sell bitcoin and our tips to buy bitcoin, in case if you want to buy bitcoin.

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