Address Verification Requirements

Address verification is an important step towards validating your profile on Paxful. Your document needs the following:

  • To be an official PDF or scanned document showing your full name and home address. This can either be a utility bill, phone bill, or a bank or credit card statement.
  • Addressed to you and match the address you entered.
  • Needs to contain Latin or Cyrillic characters.
  • If your document is written in a language that does not use Latin or Cyrillic characters, please translate and attach the following statement: “I hereby certify that this attached document is an official and accurate translation of my (document type). If found otherwise, Paxful has my authorization and full right to suspend my account and not refund the balance due to false information (Name and translation date)(Signature)”.

We do not accept the following:

  • Documents older than 3 months
  • Black and white documents
  • Cropped documents 
  • Screenshots of a document
  • P.O. box addresses

Here're the samples of great proofs of address. They are clear, legible, well lit, and have all the information we require:


See our address verification guide for more details.

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