• Passing Verification Checks

    Our partners have their own verification criteria. Documentation must meet their standards based on your local state and government laws. If you do not pass KYC the first time you have the option to submit documents and try again.

    Make sure your information is up to date before you submit your application. If your information is out of date, you may run into issues applying.

  • Do I Need Good Credit to Qualify for a BlockCard™ Debit Card?

    Nope! The Paxful debit card by BlockCard™ is a Prepaid Visa Card, not a credit card, so no credit check is done during the approval process.

  • Who Can Enroll in the Paxful Debit Card by BlockCard™?

    Right now, only users in the United States can enroll, but we’re planning on opening this up to other countries soon. We don't have an exact timeframe yet but we will update our users as soon as BlockCard™ becomes available in other countries.