• Paxful Peer Program FAQs

    What is the Paxful Peer Program?

    The Paxful Peer Program is an international entrepreneurship program where aspiring crypto professionals dedicate themselves to support Paxful and other crypto enthusiasts through ground support, marketing efforts, and social events, all while getting rewarded by Paxful!

    The Paxful Peer Program has three levels that recognize success and offers a growth path for each peer. The three levels are:

    • Level 1 - Peers
    • Level 2 - Ambassadors
    • Level 3 - Associates

    As Peers meet the requirements of each level, they’ll get rewarded and promoted to the next level.

    What are the Peer/Ambassador/Associate Badges?

    Having badges can help boost your trading credibility. Badges help you stand out from other users in the marketplace. Traders will know that you’re part of the Paxful Peer Program and be more likely to trade with you.

    What are the different levels of the Paxful Peer Program?

    The Paxful Peer Program has 3 different levels. When you show high performance and meet the requirements, you can move up to the next level. Here’s what you need to do for each level:

    • Paxful Peer: Peers need to sign 7 verified referrals by promoting Paxful to their audience and increase trading volume. Peers will spread the word about Paxful to as many other crypto enthusiasts as possible. They know all about trading on Paxful and they’re ready to share Paxful with their audience.
    • Paxful Ambassador: Ambassadors need to be fully verified on Paxful and sign at least 20 referrals. Usually, Ambassadors have a healthy trading volume and know how to promote Paxful to their audience.
    • Paxful Associate: Associates are the highest rank of the Peer Program. As an Associate, you are an experienced mentor and expert of the Paxful platform and you’ve signed at least 100 referrals. Associates are crypto influencers in their community and they know the ins and outs of Paxful.

    What are the benefits of becoming a Paxful Peer?

    Level 1: Peer
    • 5 USD in BTC for every new ID-verified referral who complete at least one trade, you will sign up with your referral link or code
    • Referral earnings - Earn commissions every time a referral buys or sells Bitcoin. To read more about Referral program, please visit: https://paxful.com/bitcoin-affiliate-program 
    • Paxful branded merchandise - Paxful goodies for you and those you bring on board
    • Priority support - your inquiries and disputes will be resolved swiftly
    • Badge on your profile - Peer badge on your Paxful profile for others to see that you’re a trusted trader
    • Regular exclusive giveaway campaigns for Peers and their referrals
    • Chance to be featured on Paxful blog and Paxful social media channels
    • Additional bonuses - We have tons of extra bonuses for all your hard work to keep you motivated
    Level 2: Ambassador
    • Peer Benefits - Ambassadors will keep all of their Peer level benefits
    • Badge on your profile - Ambassador badge on your Paxful profile for others to see that you’re a trusted trader
    • Account management - A dedicated account manager to answer all your questions
    • New features and products - Chance to try first new Paxful products and features
    Level 3: Associate
    • Ambassador benefits - Associates will keep all of their Ambassador level benefits
    • Badge on your profile - Associate badge on your Paxful profile for others to see that you’re a trusted trader
    • $150 in BTC every month only if referrals bring in a considerable amount of revenue and/or trading volume per quarter, as determined in Paxful’s sole discretion:
      • Either referrals’ trading volume per quarter should be ≥ $50,000
      • Or referrals’ revenue per quarter should be ≥ $2,000

    If an Associate can’t bring active referrals to Paxful, and these referrals won’t manage to meet the requirements above, the Associate won’t receive $150 in BTC monthly.

    What kind of content can I post on social media?

    • Retweet or repost content from Paxful’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts
    • Create your own content using the hashtags #paxful and #PaxfulPeer
    • Use your referral link (you can find it on your referral dashboard) to share with your new referrals
    • Promote yourself as a member of the Peer program, Paxful, and its new features and updates, to be an advocate of Paxful on your social media channels
    • Your selected posts will be reposted by Paxful Peer Program accounts


    • Digital assets such as banners and graphics for social media content will be provided to Peers, Ambassadors and Associates
    • Photoshoot sessions will be held in your countries IF needed/required

    Peer Program Application Checklist:

    How can I be part of the Peer Program?

    1. Fill out the application form here with the required information to apply.
    2. Once you’ve successfully applied and passed the initial screening, someone will get in touch with you via email and invite you for a 15-minute interview. We’ll assess your knowledge about the program and the role you are applying for. During this time, you can share your experiences, plans, and it’s your chance to ask us any questions.
    3. After the interview, we’ll review your application and only if your application is eligible, we will contact you within 2 weeks. Once you pass the interview and internal review process, you’ll officially become a #PaxfulPeer and we’ll start the onboarding process!

    Interview based questions:

    • What opportunities can I gain if I join the Peer Program? What are the activities we will be expecting once we become a Peer?
    • You’ll be able to engage with your co-Peers and with the Paxful employees in Telegram.
    • You’re free to share your ideas and plans to help the Peer Program
    • You get to participate in exclusive campaigns and contests that we hold for Peers
    • You can attend, host, join and participate in webinars and events that Paxful holds

    How do I complete my KYC verification?

    Check out this article on how to complete KYC verification.

    Do we receive training, manuals, tools, guides, etc. once we get onboarded as a Peer?

    As part of the Paxful Peer Program, you receive the following:

    • The tools needed to manage your community of entrepreneurs through our Referrals dashboard
    • A personal referral link to share via email or social media
    • Statistics for the users you have brought onboard
    • Overview of users based on their ID verification status
    • Ability to track referral links and identify successful campaigns

    What are the monetary benefits of joining the Peer Program? How do Peers get paid?

    Peers, Ambassadors, and Associates will receive the following:

    • Referral program earnings: Earn commissions every time one of your referrals buy or sell Bitcoin.
      • *They are automatic and you can immediately see them on your wallet.
    • $5 for every new referral: $5 for you and every ID-verified user you bring on board when they complete their first trade. The more referrals you bring to Paxful, the more BTC you receive!
      • *Payments will be made once, every first week of the following month. 
    • Associates will receive a $150 monthly compensation, only if referrals bring in a considerable amount of revenue and/or trading volume per quarter, as determined in Paxful’s sole discretion.

    Can I become a Paxful Peer if I'm a student?

    Yes, students over the age of 18 can become a Paxful Peer.

    How do I acquire new referrals, get them verified, and start trading?

    • Try to show your prospects how to trade, if it’s not possible to face to face, try teaching them online.
    • Motivate your referrals to join our country-based Telegram communities. The full list of these communities you can find here: https://paxful.com/community. Let them know you’ll each receive 5 USD.
    • Use your social media. Tell the world you are a #PaxfulPeer.

    Can I make the first trade with my referrals to teach them how to use the platform?

    Unfortunately no, you can’t be your referral's first trade partner to qualify them to receive 5 USD in BTC. Members of the Peer Program and their referrals will receive 5 USD in BTC as soon as the referrals completes a trade with anyone other than the member of the Peer Program who referred them.

    Where I can go for additional information?

    You can find more information on our main Paxful Peer Program page. You can also check out Peer stories and interviews on the Paxful University page.

    Is there a limit to how many referrals can I have?

    You can invite as many people as you want!

    How can I check the status of my application?

    You can check out your application status here.  You’ll also receive an email when your application has been approved or rejected.

    How long do I have to wait to get an update about my application?

    It usually takes a week or two before you get an update.

    What can help make me a valid Peer?

    The following can help:

    • Be KYC-verified (ID and POA verified)
    • Be knowledgeable about the Paxful platform
    • Have at least 20 successful trades and several referrals
    • Be passionate about the crypto community and in helping Paxful expand financial freedom

    Can I refer my referrals to the Peer Program?

    Yes, you can recommend your referral to the Peer Program. They should apply for the Peer Program independently, and if we’re interested, we’ll get in touch with them to schedule an interview. 

    How much will I receive when I bring in a new referral and have them make their first trade?

    You’ll receive $5 in BTC for you and every ID-verified user you bring on board when they complete their first trade.

    Will my referral and I receive 5 USD in BTC next month if my referral creates his account today and completes a trade next month?

    Referrals need to complete a trade and verify their ID in the same month they created their account.

    When do I receive the $5 in BTC referral fee?

    You’ll receive the $5 within the first week of the month after the month your referral did their first trade (ex: your referral is ID verified and they complete their 1st trade in December, you will receive the 5 USD the 1st week of January)

    Why was I rejected for the Peer Program?

    You could be rejected for the Peer Program for a few different reasons:

    • Your Paxful account is not verified
    • Your Paxful account does not have enough activity/referrals 
    • You showed low interest in the Peer Program in your application
    • You didn't include links to your social media accounts in your application