Mobile Wallet

  • Paxful Mobile Wallet

    The Paxful Wallet for Android and iOS makes it easy for users to send, receive, and store cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime. The crypto Wallet App is also the ultimate companion tool to Paxful, one of the world’s biggest peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplaces.

    Use the Paxful wallet to:

    • Send and receive crypto in your own private cryptocurrency wallet that lets you transact with anyone at any time, anywhere.
    • Safely store your hard-earned crypto and check your balance in real-time.
    • Track your open trades on Paxful so you know the current status of your most recent transactions as you buy and sell cryptocurrency.
    • Share your cryptocurrency wallet address or QR code with other traders and friends.
    • Personalize your Paxful wallet profile so people you transact with know it’s you.
    • Get updated crypto-to-fiat conversion rates at your convenience. 

    So, are you ready to send, receive, and store your cryptocurrency in a more effective, smarter, and faster way? Download the Paxful Wallet now from Google Play Store or App Store to put the power of Paxful in the palm of your hand!


  • Mobile App: Issues and Solutions
    Find out how to troubleshoot issues that you encounter on your Paxful App such as fingerprint, sign-in, ID verification, and more.
    What Are the Steps for Basic Troubleshooting?
    This is a solution for the majority of possible issues related to the Paxful app:
    • Restart your app.
    • Make sure you are connected to the internet (do a speed test to confirm). 
    • Make sure the app is of the latest version. Please open the app in the Google Play Store or in the App Store and download the updates if any.
    How to Set Up a Fingerprint?
    Fingerprint can be enabled on the Account tab in the Security section:
    • iOS fingerprint option should be enabled on a device first. If fingerprint recognition fails more than 3 times - a pin will be required.
    • Android devices should support the fingerprint option and it should be activated in device settings. As standard, there is no limit for attempts. If the fingerprint scan is not working, just close the window and use a pin instead.
    How to Solve the Sign-in Issue?
    Sign in issues:
    • There is an option on each password field to show the password. Please check if you are entering the right password.
    • Some issues might be because you use an old version of the app. System forces time to update to the latest versions, but still no 100% hit. Please open the app in the Google Play Store or in the Appstore and download the latest version.
    • Antibot-solutions that we use might block users if some suspicious activity was detected on the device, network, region, etc. In case if you have tried all previous steps, please contact us to investigate your specific case.
    How to Solve Issues Related to ID Verification?
    Make sure you have allowed access to your device camera. For more information on the possible verification issues, click here.
    How to Solve the 2FA Issue?
    Read about the possible solutions for any issues related to 2FA here.
    How to Contact Support?
    If following our basic troubleshooting steps wasn't successful, don't hesitate to contact our support team.