Technical Problems and Solutions

  • What Do I Do If I Have a Transaction or Hedging Issue?

    There could be a few reasons why your actions on Paxful could be taking longer than usual. In this article, we will discuss what to do when running into these issues.

    Check Paxful’s Status Page

    One solution to figuring out why you may be having issues on Paxful is to check our Paxful Status Page. 

    On this page, you can see which areas on Paxful are currently running. You can also see if the Paxful team anticipates any delays. We have status checks for specific areas of Paxful. The areas on the status page include Marketplace, Wallet, Account, Notifications, API, and Mobile Apps.


    You can also check for any incidents the site previously underwent. This will tell you if there are any current issues that are being investigated, identified, or resolved.


    Check the Transaction Status 

    One of the reasons why your trade may not be completed at a fast rate is that the blockchain is taking time to confirm your trade. This could be due to mempool congestion. In this instance, you can check your Bitcoin transaction status. By doing this you can gather more information about your transaction and where it is in the blockchain.

    What to do if you still don’t have an answer?

    If you still don’t have an answer after following the above steps, we recommend that you reach out to support. You can also check out our Technical Problems and Solutions page on our help center.

  • Why Did My Wallet Address Change?

    If you have noticed that your Paxful bitcoin wallet address has changed, it isn’t a technical error. This has happened as we have upgraded our bitcoin wallet service. Don’t worry—this was a planned update and everything is working as expected. Your old bitcoin address is still valid and your funds are safe.

  • Not Receiving Emails from Paxful

    If you’re not receiving emails from Paxful, here’s what you can do to fix this:

    • Ensure you have logged in to the correct email address which you used to register on Paxful.
    • Check your spam folder. Sometimes our emails could be sitting there.
    • Whitelist Paxful email addresses. Meaning, add our email addresses to your trusted list of senders. (The process may vary from one email service provider to another.)
    • Email addresses to whitelist:
    • Ensure that your email client or service provider is working normally.
    • Select a popular email domain if possible.

    Check out our security guide for more information on how to protect your Paxful account. If you receive a suspicious email from our company, read this article to find a solution.

  • Why Do I Receive "Unknown Bitcoin Address" Error Message?

    While sending bitcoin from Paxful wallet to an external wallet, you may receive a message: “Unknown bitcoin address”. This may happen due any to the following reasons:

    • You have entered an incorrect wallet address.
    • You have entered a non-existing wallet address.
    • You have entered an address that is not a Bitcoin network address.

    To resolve this error, do the following: 

    • Verify the wallet address you enter. 
    • Ensure you have entered a valid bitcoin address.
  • Trade Chat Not Opening

    Trade chat is not loading or initializing.

    To begin with, please clear the cache and cookies and try using a different browser. If this solution does not work, please check the status on Firebase. If the status is OK, please contact us for additional assistance via our contact form.

  • Invalid Parameters. Missing Bitcoin Address.

    After clicking the Send button on the wallet page an error message appears: "Invalid Parameters. Missing bitcoin address.".

    It means a bitcoin address is still being generated. Please contact us via support widget to generate a wallet address.

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