Managing Your Account

  • Paxful Trader Program FAQs

    What is the Trader Program?

    The Trader Program has two levels that provide exclusive perks and benefits to users who meet the requirements. 

    What are the levels of the program?

    • Power Trader
    • Expert Trader

    What are the benefits of the Trader Program?

    Power Trader

    • Badge on your profile
    • Be the first to try new features
    • Featured offers
    • Sell offer promotion
    • Instant disputes
    • No bond requirement on gift card trades
    • Priority support

    Expert Trader

    • Badge on your profile
    • Be the first to try new features
    • Featured offers
    • Sell offer promotion
    • Instant disputes
    • No bond requirement on gift card trades
    • Priority support
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Customized fees

    What are the requirements to join the Trader Program?

    Power Trader

    • Follow our Terms of Service
    • Have an account for at least 90 days
    • Verified ID and proof of address
    • A good behavior score*
    • 250 trades every 90 days

    Expert Trader

    • Follow our Terms of Service
    • Have an account for at least 90 days
    • Verified ID and proof of address
    • A good behavior score*
    • 1,000 trades every 90 days

    *Paxful considers good behavior to be honest trading, prompt release times, keeping the trade on Paxful, etc. You can refer to our Terms of Services for more information on what is acceptable on the marketplace.

    How will I know if I’m eligible to be part of the Trader Program?

    Once you meet the requirements, we’ll send a notification to your Paxful account and we’ll send you an email.

    Can I lose my Trader Program status?

    Yes. You need to continuously meet the requirements over a 90 day period to keep your Trader Program status. If you break our Terms of Services and/or compliance requirements, you may lose your Paxful Rewards privilege and eligibility.

    Questions? Comments? Feedback? Suggestions?

    You can reach out to our support team and we’ll get back to you.

  • Why is My Paxful Account Frozen or Restricted?

    To maintain safe conditions within the Paxful marketplace, we take action on accounts that violate any of our Terms of Service. These actions will have a status that restricts the usage of Paxful.

    If your account is suspended, you are restricted from using your Paxful account. 

    If your account is locked, you temporarily won’t be able to login to your Paxful account—this could be because you logged in from a new location, or we may have detected suspicious activity so it’s been locked to keep you safe. For more information, take a look at this article.

    If your account is frozen, you temporarily can’t buy or sell on Paxful and you can’t withdraw any funds. 

    If your account has been limited, you are either permanently/temporarily restricted from trading, creating, and editing offers. Although your account is restricted, wallet services will still be available such as receiving, sending, and converting crypto.

    If your account is on-hold, your account is restricted for a period of time for further review. After the time period expires, you can withdraw any funds in your wallet. If your account is not ID verified, you’ll be required to verify your ID before you can withdraw any funds.

    If your account is banned, you are permanently restricted from buying and selling. However, you will still be able to do a one-time withdrawal of all your funds from your Paxful account and send it to any wallet address you choose. If you’re from a country on this list, or if you have reached your wallet send out limit, you’ll be required to verify your ID before you can withdraw your funds.


    What causes account restrictions?

    Here are some of the activities that can lead to your account being restricted: 

    • Seller of cryptocurrency asking to cancel the trade after the payment was completed.
    • Conducting a trade outside of Paxful trade escrow by communicating through Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.
    • Making a chargeback or reversing the payment after it has been processed.
    • Coin locking or holding a seller’s cryptocurrency in escrow without the intention to make the payment and complete the trade.
    • Unauthorized use of gift cards, such as selling a gift card in multiple trades and selling gift cards that have already been used. 
    • Forcing or tricking a trade partner to immediately release their cryptocurrency.

    Paxful has zero tolerance for the following:

    • Using multiple Paxful accounts.
    • Using a fake identity or falsified verification documents.
    • Using Paxful from an OFAC banned country listed on this page.
    • Unauthorized use of gift cards / chargebacks / defrauding users.

    How do I remove the restriction?

    Some account restrictions such as banned and suspended are not reversible, therefore the actions are final

    However, if your account is frozen, first check your email for information, and then contact Support to figure out the next steps for appeal. 

    If your account is locked, please take a look at this article for steps on how to unlock your account.

    Warning: The quickest way to appeal a restriction of your account is by using our Contact Us form and choosing the following request type: Accessing and using my account > My account is banned, frozen, suspended, or on-hold.

  • Creating an Account on Paxful

    Your Paxful journey begins with a simple decision: whether or not to create an account. If you think that you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of crypto and financial freedom, then the next step is to create your Paxful account. Creating your account is easy and very user-friendly. Upon registering, you also get a free wallet to store the cryptocurrency you earn from trading on Paxful. 

    Here’s a Paxful school tutorial to walk you through the process of creating your account:

    To create a new Paxful account:

    1. Open a web browser and launch the Paxful webpage:

    2. Click Register on the top right corner of the main page.

    3. Choose if you'd like to create an account with your phone number or email address and create a password.



    • When you register on Paxful, a username will automatically be assigned to you, but you can customize it later. 
    • Click I have referral code to register your referral code received from another Paxful user.

    4. From there, you'll need to verify your phone or email address (whichever one you chose to create your account with).

    Warning: Read our Terms of Service, Affiliate Program Terms of Service and Privacy Notice. By continuing you agree to Paxful's Terms of Service automatically.

    Once you have created your account, we recommend verifying your phone or email address (whichever one you did not use to sign up with) and identity as well to gain more trading opportunities on our platform. If you have any other questions, feel free to explore our Help Center, reach out to us via Contact Us form on our website, or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

  • My Public Profile

    Your public profile contains a summary of your account and your history on Paxful.

    Remember that your public profile is visible to other Paxful users. On your public profile, other Paxful users will be able to view the following information about you:

    • Username
    • Profile picture
    • Verification - information if your email, phone, ID or address are verified,  and you were verified as a trusted vendor.
    • Reputation - an aggregation of the positive and negative feedback that you have received on Paxful.
    • Active offers - offers you created that are currently active.
    • Your profile language
    • Number of trade partners
    • Number of trades
    • Trade volume - total BTC you’ve traded on Paxful.
    • Number of users who trust you
    • Number of users who have blocked you
    • Time elapsed since you joined Paxful
    • Last time you were online on Paxful

    As you can see, your public profile will contain all the credentials you have earned on Paxful and will help other users decide if you are a safe trade partner or not.

  • Dashboard

    Your dashboard is the hub to track all your activity on Paxful.

    The dashboard is your personalized tool for accessing all the information you need. There are 4 different dashboards on Paxful, each with its own specific uses and functions.

    Classic Dashboard

    Once you create an account on Paxful you get a free wallet and access to the Classic Dashboard. This is the general/default dashboard where you can:

    • See your active and past trades.
    • Check help pages.
    • Create and edit your offers.
    • Get an overview of your affiliates.
    • Check account activity.

    Vendor Dashboard

    This dashboard appears as soon as you create your first offer. On the vendor dashboard, you can:

    • View your active and past trades. 
    • Get an overview of your affiliates.
    • See your sales charts.
    • See offer statistics: active, deactivated offers and more.
    • View past trade survey results.
    • Create and edit offers
    • Perform additional account verification steps.
    • Request additional features from our developers.

    In general, this dashboard is useful when you want to see the statuses of all your trades and offers.

    Merchant Dashboard

    This dashboard exclusively applies to users who are using the “Paxful Pay” feature (sign up for this feature on our Paxful Pay page). On the Merchant Dashboard you can see:

    • Your sales for the last 28 days. 
    • All transactions made using the merchant link.

    Affiliate Dashboard

    This is the dashboard to track your affiliates and your affiliate commissions. 

    On this dashboard, you can:

    • View your affiliate link and share it with your friends and network.
    • Get a detailed overview of all your affiliates.
    • Check your affiliate earnings from completed trades.
    • Create unique trackable links in the ‘track ID’ section. 

    The Paxful Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity for users to be rewarded for sharing their Paxful affiliate links with their friends and followers.


  • Trusted/Blocked List

    Trusting and blocking users on Paxful is an effective way for you to filter whom you want to do business with. 

    Apart from the various external indicators that can help you decide whether certain users are safe to trade with or not, you can also trust and block users based on your personal experience trading with them.

    Trusting Users 

    Trusting users you’ve had a good trade experience with, is a good way to stay connected with them. For example, if you constantly find that a user trades efficiently with you, you can then mark that user as your trusted user. In this way, their offers will be prioritized in your feed. When creating offers, there are also options where you can choose to show your offer only to your list of trusted buyers.

    Trusting users is a way to make real connections with them, but just like in real life, be careful whom you trust on Paxful.

    Blocking Users

    While trusting users is the way to build a healthy trade relationship with decent traders, blocking is for the contrary. If you’ve had a bad experience trading with someone (e.g. it wasn’t as efficient as you’d hoped for, or if you were scammed), you can block that particular user. If you block a vendor, they will not be able to see your offers on their list. Similarly, if you block a buyer, you won’t be able to see their offers on your list.

    Blocking is a way to ensure that the bad apples don’t bother you.

    To trust or block a user follow these steps:

    1. Click on the username on any page (offer list, trade chat, past trades in your dashboard, etc.)
      The user profile opens.
    2. Click Trust or Block links under the username to mark the user as trusted, or to block them respectively.



    • You can always undo this action later.
    • You can only block a user if you are ID verified or if you have previously traded with that user.

    To view and manage your blocked and trusted list, go to your Contact list.

    For more information on how to improve your trading experience, please read our safety tips and instructions for good offer terms.

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Account Security

  • How to Enable 2FA with SMS (Text)

    To set up up 2FA with SMS (text) follow the steps below:

    Setting up 2FA with SMS:

    1. Login to your Paxful account on a different device. 
    2.  Hover over your username on the top right of the page and click  Settings_Icon_.png  Settings from the menu.
    3. On the settings menu, click Security_Icon.pngSecurity.
    4. On the security page, under 2FA settings, choose SMS by clicking on the down_arrow_icon.png down arrow
    5. You will then see a menu where you can click Enable 2FA via SMS.
    6. Once you click Enable 2FA via SMS, a menu will appear. 

    To ensure that 2FA via SMS is turned on, make sure it says Activated next to Status. Also check the toggle under Apply 2FA and next to Logging in is blue.


    Paxful recommends that you also enable 2FA via SMS for Sending cryptocurrency and for Releasing cryptocurrency. This allows for thorough security when logging in and trading.

    1. When all toggles are blue, you’re finished! 2FA via SMS is set up. 



    To remove 2FA via SMS, hit the Deactivate_2FA_Button.png button.
    To troubleshoot 2FA with SMS visit our help center page.


  • How to Enable 2FA with Authy

    To set up up 2FA with Authy follow the steps below: 

    Twilio Authy Requirements:

    Setting up Authy:

    1. Login to your Paxful account on a different device. 
    2.  Hover over your username on the top right of the page and click   Settings_Icon_.png Settings from the menu.

    3. On the settings menu, click Security_Icon.pngSecurity
    4.  On the security page, under 2FA settings, choose Authy
    5. Click on the down_arrow_icon.png down arrow and a QR-code appears

    6. Scan the QR-code with your phone by using the Authy app. A 6-digit code will appear on the app. Or you can copy the code for manual setup
    7. Enter the 6-digit code into the field next to the QR-code. Your code will be automatically submitted once the code is put in. 
    8. Once your code is automatically submitted, you’ll see a menu appear. To ensure that 2FA via Authy is turned on, make sure it says Activated next to Status. Also, check the toggle under Apply 2FA and next to Logging in is blue
    9. When all toggles are blue, you’re finished! 2FA with Twilio Authy is set up.


      To troubleshoot 2FA with Authy, visit our help center page.
      To remove or deactivate Authy, hit the Deactivate_2FA_Button.png button.


  • How to Set Up Google Authenticator (GA)

    To set up up 2FA with Google Authenticator (GA) follow the steps below:

    Google Authenticator Requirements:

    Setting up Google Authenticator:

    1. Once the GA app is installed, login into your Paxful account on a different device.
    2.  Hover over your username on the top right corner of the page and click Settings_Icon_.png Settings from the menu.


    3. On the settings menu, click Security_Icon.pngSecurity.


    4. On the security page, under 2FA settings, choose Google Authenticator



    1. Click on the  down_arrow_icon.png  down arrow and a QR-code will appear.
    2. Scan the QR-code with your phone by using the Google Authenticator app. A 6-digit code will appear on the app. Or you can copy the code for manual setup.


    3. Enter the 6-digit code into the field below the QR-code. Your code will be automatically submitted once you input the code.
    4. You’ll then see a menu appear. To ensure that 2FA via GA is turned on, make sure it says Activated next to Status. Also check the toggle next to Logging in is blue


    1. When all proper toggles are blue, you’re finished! 2FA with Google Authenticator is set up. 


    Deactivating Google Authenticator:

    To remove Google Authenticator, hit the "Deactivate" button in the Activated Status Menu.


    For information on how to troubleshoot Google Authenticator (GA) please visit our article on Troubleshooting 2FA.

  • What is 2FA?

    Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security where a user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves. 2FA is often used to protect the user's credentials, information, and any resources within the system (such as Paxful’s platform). Only the user can access their specific 2FA alert, and these alerts are sent as an SMS to the user’s phone or Google Authenticator (GA) 

    This is a secondary layer of security to safehold your account. With an authenticator, you receive a code to your device, which you will need to input to log into your account (or complete any trades).

    There are several different types of authenticators or 2FA methods you can use. The three options are: 

    • Google Authenticator (GA)
    • Twilio Authy
    • SMS


    • Although you can enable 2FA via SMS, it is not always reliable because of a prevalent hacker tactic called “SIM swapping”. This is when hackers can get a hold of your SMS messages.
    • You need to be both phone number and email address verified to set up 2FA on your Paxful account. 


  • How to Stay Safe on Paxful

    Safety is a big priority for us at Paxful, so we’ve put together this list of tips and tricks to help keep your account safe.

    Protect yourself in the trade

    1. Stay in the trade chat if you can.

        • Although there are times where you might need to exit the chat to finish the trade, try not clicking on suspicious links that you aren’t familiar with, especially phishing links.
        • Be cautious of users asking you to cancel a trade and to switch over to a different offer link. Keep an eye out for users that are not following offer guidelines. 
        • Don’t chat outside of Paxful’s trade chat. If your trade ends up in a dispute, our team can’t fully help to resolve the issue since it happened outside of Paxful.
        • Check that your address bar is "" before entering your account details.

    2. Don't share your personal information. 

        • Don’t share contact or personal information in the trade chat—users can try to scam you on off-site trades, impersonate you, or show that you traded with them off-escrow.

    3. Identify real Paxful moderators.

        • It’s important to know that our moderators have specific chat bubbles and signatures to let you know that it’s really us. Here’s what a real Paxful moderator message will look like:


    Protecting your Paxful account

    1. Two-factor authentication

        • We highly recommend setting up 2FA as soon as you create your Paxful account. You can set this up in your account settings. We love using Authy or Google Authenticator, but you can also use SMS. SMS can be a bit more risky since there are tactics (such as SIM swapping) to get a hold of someone’s SMS messages, and receiving SMS depends on your network and region.

    2. Security questions

        • It’s best to set your questions up when you create your Paxful account, but you can set them up at any time in your account settings. Be sure to pick questions and answers that you won’t forget!

    3. Active sessions

        • We recommend frequently checking out the devices you’re currently logged in to your Paxful account on. You can check this in the security tab of your Paxful account. If you don’t recognize a device, use the “x” on the page to log your Paxful account out of that device. We’d also recommend changing your password if this happens, too. 

    Protection measures outside of your Paxful account

    Even when you’re not logged in and actively using your Paxful account, it’s important to keep your account and systems safe. 

    1. Email and passwords

        • Creating passwords. When creating a password, be sure to use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. 
        • Don’t use the same password. It’s super important to have different passwords for your email and your Paxful account. This is because hackers usually target your emails. In the worst-case scenario, if a hacker gains access to your email, they’ll be able to access the funds in your Paxful wallet. 
        • Never share your password. Be cautious of users asking for sensitive information like your password in a trade chat. The Paxful team will NEVER ask for your password or other sensitive account information. If you’re in a trade dispute and you’re asked by our moderators to provide a screenshot or a video as proof, make sure your passwords are not visible.
        • Protect your email address. Make sure you protect the email address connected to your Paxful account and don’t share it in a trade chat. Your email is a gateway to your Paxful account so be sure to keep it to yourself!
        • Be cautious of SMS messages and emails from unfamiliar senders:
          • Paxful only sends you SMS with security codes related to 2FA and phone verification.
          • Don’t interact with suspicious emails. It’s best to not open emails that look suspicious to you. 
          • Don’t give away sensitive data or click on suspicious links. For additional info, see: I received a suspicious email. Is it from Paxful?

    2. Computer health checklist 

        • Keep your systems up to date. This includes your computer, browser, and any softwares or programs.
        • Don’t download anything unnecessary. In addition to this, if you don’t know the developer or you’re not sure if you trust it, don’t download the software or program. 
        • Use officially licensed softwares. Make sure you’re using softwares that are trusted and licensed. Remember to keep these programs up to date, too. This includes antivirus, anti-malware, personal firewall programs, etc.

    3. Use secure networks

        • Make sure you’re using trusted and secure Wi-Fi and networks. Ideally, use a wired connection or a network with a password.

    Here are some great tips on how to keep your cryptocurrency safe when trading in the Paxful marketplace.

  • What Should I Do if Someone Logged Into My Account?

    If you think someone has gained access to your account or you suspect that your login details have been compromised, then you must take care of a few things even before contacting support. Enabling 2-Factor Authentication is a good way to prevent this from ever happening. But, in the case of such a mishap, here’s what you can do:

    If someone logged into your account but you still have access to it.

    Do one of the following:

      1. Usually, whenever there is a new or unexpected login on your account, we immediately notify you via email with a link to report to lock your account if you suspect intrusion. So just click the link in the email. Your account is locked immediately and all sessions are terminated. The faster you act, the higher the chances of saving your BTC. Next, contact support to restore access to your account. After, take steps to protect your account
      2. Alternatively, while logged in to your account, simply proceed with the following steps.

    Steps to protect your account:

    1. Change your password to something secure (a password that you have NOT USED on other sites or emails). Try to make your password as complex as possible, but at the same time be sure to remember it.
    2. Check to ensure that none of your other settings such as your email or phone number were changed. If they were changed to something you don’t recognize, change them back.
    3. Go to your active sessions (Settings > Security > Active Sessions) and log out all sessions by clicking the Close icon next to them.
    4. Log out of your account.
    5. Log back in using your new password.
    6. Download Google Authenticator(iPhone/Android) or Authy (Mac/Windows).
    7. Turn on 2FA on Paxful and scan the code with your phone. Remember to turn 2FA on for BOTH login and sending out as it will make your transactions more secure. We recommend using Google Authenticator or Authy over SMS 2FA as it is more secure. Just bring up the app and get the code every time you want to log in or send crypto.
    8. Set your security questions and write them somewhere. You’ll need them if you ever lose your phone and need to reset your 2FA.


    • If the support team can trace the hacker and recover any funds, we will contact you. Hackers often cover their actions very well and it is not possible to track them down to reverse cryptocurrency transactions.
    • It is advised that you change passwords to any other accounts you have online as hackers normally gain access by getting into your email or other accounts. 

    If you can’t log in to your account:

    1. Contact support and provide all the information required by our support agents. Once it’s verified that you are the account owner, inform support that you need an ACCOUNT LOCKDOWN. Support Team will see if there is enough data to prove you are not a hacker (and will try to give you access to your own account). Once it is verified that you are the victim and rightful account owner, account access will be restored.
    2. Once you log in, secure your account immediately.

    How did this happen and how can I prevent it from happening again?

    To prevent this from happening again, we suggest that you don’t use the same password across websites and that you have 2FA with Google Authenticator enabled.

    At Paxful, we are constantly improving our security processes to keep your funds as safe as possible.

    So where did the cryptocurrency go?

    • Check your account activity to see who logged into your account. Take note of their IP address.
    • Check your wallet ledger to see the cryptocurrency address they sent your coins to.

    With the cryptocurrency address and the IP address of the thief, you have some information but it is often impossible to track them down. Our support team does not have the resources to help you investigate further because hackers often use VPNs and also due to the general anonymity of cryptocurrency. It is nearly impossible to track them down, so try your best to make your account as secure as possible.

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