Price point

The suggested retail price of a product, determined in such a way as to compete with prices of other products. A product may be introduced with a specific price point, but that price may be altered depending on current demand and competition. Some of the price points may not be available for the public. Every exchange platform sets its own price points.

There are specific terms for bitcoin market price points:

ask - Also called asking price or ask price. The ask price is the current lowest price that a bitcoin seller is willing to accept from a buyer. 

bid - Price offered by the bidder (vendor/seller). The bid price is the current highest price that a bitcoin buyer is willing to pay to a seller.

high - The highest bitcoin price of all completed trades on the exchange platform during the last 24 hours.

low - The lowest bitcoin price of all completed trades during the last 24 hours.

avg - The average bitcoin price of completed trades for the last 24 hours.

close - The price of the latest completed trade according to rate source platform.

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