Offer working hours

As an offer owner, you have the option to set a timeframe for your offers to be active on the public list. This way, you don't need to deactivate each of your offers every time you go offline. This guide will show you how to manage working hours for your offers and how to find them on an offer of your trade partner.

Managing working hours for your offers

To set or edit working hours for your offer, do the following:

  1. Begin creating or editing your offer as usual, according to standard flow
  2. On Step 3 of the offer creation flow in Advanced options, locate the Working hours section. Activate Day of the week toggles for the days when you want your offer to be open for trades.
  3. Click a time box and select a time from the dropdown list that appears. Choose the timeframe for your offer to be active on the public listing.
  4. Continue the offer creation or editing flow as usual and click Create offer or Update offer to save your offer working hours.

Working hours of your trade partners

To see the working hours of an offer, do the following:

  • On the offers list page, locate an offer of your interest. If an offer is offline, the Buy or Sell button will not be active. Instead, you will see how much time is left before the offer becomes available. To see the exact schedule, click the Available in button and then click See full schedule.
  • On the offer page, scroll down to see the Working hours for this offer section.

To filter all offline offers, do the following:

On the top left corner of the offers list page, activate the Include offline offers toggle. All offers, including offline ones, become visible on the offers list page.


Note: Offline offers include only offers that will become available within the next 30 minutes, according to your local time.

For more information on how to improve your offer creation flow, check our guides on how to write good offer terms and trade instructions

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