Paxful fees

Trade Bitcoin

Payment Group Sell Bitcoin Buy Bitcoin
Bank Transfers 0.5% no fee
Credit/Debit Cards 1% no fee
Digital Currencies 1% no fee
Online Wallets 1% no fee
Cash 1% no fee
Goods & Services 1% no fee
Gift Cards

3% for all gift card types
(except iTunes and Google Play)

5% iTunes and Google Play

no fee


Send Bitcoin

Wallet Type Send Out Incoming
External Wallet $0 - $9.99 = 0.0001 BTC
$10 - $19.99 = 0.0002 BTC
$20+ = 0.0005 BTC
no fee
Internal Wallet

5 per month - no fee

more than 5 per month - a fee of $1.00 or 1% of the sending amount, whichever is greater.

no fee


Buying Bitcoin

  • Paxful does not charge any fees to customers who are buying bitcoin.
  • When purchasing bitcoin from another customer on Paxful, you are buying bitcoin at a rate set by the customers themselves. These rates vary based on numerous factors such as your verification status, payment method, currency pair (such as USD, EUR, CNY), and order size.
  • Be sure to evaluate each offer that you choose when buying bitcoin. Tips on how to buy bitcoin can be found here.

Selling Bitcoin

  • Paxful charges fees to customers who sell bitcoin.
  • The fee varies depending on the method of payment you accept for selling your bitcoin.
    • Bank Transfers: 0.5%
    • Credit/Debit Cards: 1%
    • Digital Currencies: 1%
    • Online Wallets: 1%
    • Cash: 1%
    • Gift Cards: 3% for all gift card types (except iTunes and Google Play), 5% iTunes and Google Play. 
  • This escrow amount is deducted from your Paxful wallet at the beginning of the trade. Upon successful completion of the trade, Paxful receives the escrow fee. If the trade is not completed, i.e bitcoin is released from escrow back to the bitcoin seller, Paxful takes no fee.

 Sending Bitcoin

  • Paxful charges a wallet send out fee for every send out from a Paxful wallet to an external bitcoin address. Here are three tiers of our fees:
    • $0 -$9.99 = 0.0001 BTC
    • $10 -$19.99 = 0.0002 BTC
    • $20+ = 0.0005 BTC
  • This fee covers the associated miner fee and maintenance of our secure wallet infrastructure.    
  • Sending bitcoin to another Paxful customer is free of charge for the first 5 transactions sent per month. After that, a fee of $1.00 or 1% of the sending amount, whichever is greater, will be applied to each transaction sent to another Paxful customer. The fee will be charged in Bitcoin and calculated based on the market rate of Bitcoin at the time of the transaction. If you do not have Bitcoin equivalent to $1.00 you will not be able to send funds.

Note: An internal wallet send out fee of $1.00 or 1% has been established due to the high amount of off-escrow trades on our platform. Off-escrow trades are trades made without our consent as they happen out of our regular trade process. This fee is used to prevent certain users from abusing our Terms of Service.

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