Paxful trades flow

All Paxful trades flow the same way.

Generally, the steps to all Paxful trades are the same. If you familiarize yourself with the process, it’ll make trading on Paxful a lot easier.  

Step 1. Find or Create a suitable offer

These offers are shown in the best way possible: according to your preferences. All the things you input on your search bar (as well as the reliability of other users) are all taken into consideration when you are showed the offer list. 

If you’re selling bitcoins, you’ll be the one to create the offer.

Step 2. Open trade for the amount you wish to pay

Choose the best offer for you! Look for offers that have reliable potential trade partners and that have a good price.

In the case of selling bitcoins, you’ll have to wait for someone to choose your offer.

Step 3. Read/Write the trade terms and instructions

The offer terms and trade instructions are one of the more essential parts of the offer as they contain detailed requirements that the buyers will have to comply with.

Step 4. Talk to your trade partner for more information

If there are any confusions during the trade, feel free to send your trade partner a message. The last thing you’d want is a miscommunication.

Step 5. Provide/Confirm payment

It is now up to the buyer to follow the offer terms and instructions VERY carefully (ignoring offer terms and instructions may become a disadvantage in case of a dispute). Remember that you can ask questions and talk to your trade partner via trade chat.

If you’re the buyer and you’ve provided your payment (according to all the requirements of the vendor), be sure to mark the trade as paid and wait for the vendor to release the bitcoins.

If you’re the vendor and the buyer has provided the payment, be sure to confirm if the payment is valid. NEVER release the bitcoins until you’ve made sure that the payment is good.

Step 6. Wait for the bitcoins to be released/ Release the bitcoins

As a buyer, your job is done as soon as you provide all that the vendor needs. You just need to wait for the bitcoins to be released from escrow.

As a vendor, be sure to release the bitcoins as soon as you’ve confirmed the payment. As soon as the buyer marks a payment as complete, it keeps the trade from expiring automatically. It is your duty as the vendor to automatically release the bitcoins from escrow as soon as you verify the payment. If you don’t release they bitcoins, they will remain in escrow.

Step 7. Leave feedback

Leaving feedback plays an important role in Paxful’s reputation system. It’s important that you leave appropriate feedback for every trade that you do.

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