Security guide

Bitcoin, as a technology, is extremely secure but sometimes the way we use it is unsafe.

Hackers and scammers are always looking to take your bitcoins because once they have them, it’s irreversible. With a few simple precautions, you can keep your account and your money safe.  

Here are a few ways to secure your account further:

    1. Have a strong password - Only you can create a strong password for your online accounts. When creating a password, use both upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers symbols if you really want to up the ante. Also, use different passwords for different online or social media accounts to keep the hackers off your back. 
    2. Don't use the same password for your email and your Paxful account.
    3. Configure your security questions - Set up questions that only YOU know the answers to. This will prevent people from attempting to enter your account without your knowledge. If you’re a forgetful person, write down the question and answer on a piece of paper and hide it somewhere only YOU can find it.
    4. Enable 2-factor authenticator - Enabling Authy or Google Authenticator is recommended instead of SMS as hackers have a tactic called “SIM swapping” to get a hold of your SMS messages. SMS receiving can also work intermittently in some countries. Authy or Google Authenticator will add an extra layer of protection to your account and will ward off any uninvited guests.
    5. Please hide your Email address that is linked to your Paxful account and never give it to someone you don't know in trades or private chats. Hackers can target your Email box to get access to your account or to your personal information that it can contain.
    6. Enable 2-factor verification to your email account.
    7. Verify your account - Verifying your phone number and email will not only indicate you’re a safe trade partner but verifying your account with further Identity documents will also help you to restore account in case if you will lose access to it.
    8. Never enter your details any phishing site. Avoid using websites that look like Paxful. Check your address bar  before enter your account details. HTTPS SSL certificate is important.
    9. Never share the contact information in trade chats - as scammers can try to cheat you in off-site trades, they can try to impersonate you or show that you had traded with them off-escrow.
    10. Don't try to buy Paxful account from someone else, most likely seller is trying to cheat you and get into account after you load coins on it. Furthermore, this is a violation of Paxful Terms of Service and such accounts will be banned.

What do I do if someone logged into my account without my knowledge? 

If someone logged into your account without your knowledge, you should receive an email saying that the account was accessed on a different device or location. On that email, there is an option to have the account locked until you can secure it further.

If you decided to lock your account, you can then contact support to unlock the account. Just explain the situation to the moderator and once the moderator has unlocked your account, remember to follow the tips above to make your account safe from any more hackers.

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