Setting Security Questions

Security questions help protect your account and restore access in case you lose it. Follow these steps to configure your questions.

1. Log in to your Paxful account, hover over your username on the top right of the page and click Settings from the context menu that appears.
The Settings page appears.
2. On the menu on the left, click SET SECURITY QUESTIONS.

Set your security questions dialog box appears.
3. Click the Set answers link.
The Set answers dialog box appears.
4. Select 3 security questions from drop-down lists. Type the corresponding answers into the fields under the questions.

Warning: Double-check your answers and ensure that you remember them. In case of necessity, you must provide answers to these questions exactly as they were written in the fields. If you forget your answers, this will make the process of restoring access to your account more difficult.

Tip: When choosing answers for your security questions, consider using information that cannot be found on your social media profiles. For example, do not answer the question “who was your best friend in school?” with a person's name but consider using his nickname instead.

 5. Click Save.
Your security questions are set. You are redirected to return to the Account settings page.

For additional information on how to secure your account, check our security guide.

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