My offer is not publicly visible

There are specific requirements needed to be accomplished before your buy or sell offer becomes visible to other Paxful users.

Offer to buy cryptocurrency

For your offer to be visible on the Sell Cryptocurrency page for potential sellers, you need to verify your ID and have a balance on your Paxful wallet of at least 0.002 BTC.  

Alternatively, you can verify both your ID and address (POA). If both your ID and address are verified, you don't need to have 0.002 BTC on your Paxful wallet.

Offer to sell cryptocurrency

For your offer to be visible on the Buy Cryptocurrency page for potential buyers, you need the following:

  • be ID-verified
  • have the minimum amount of your offer available on your Paxful wallet.
    For example, if the minimum trading amount for your offer is 20 USD. This means you need to have the same or a higher amount in crypto on your Paxful wallet in order to make your offer visible on the public list.

You can pass the verification process from your profile. In case of additional questions, check our ID-verification guide. 

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