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Paxful has created a simpler and smarter approach to trades. Now trades may work without time-consuming trade chats. It becomes possible as the most important trade instructions and requirements are now part of the trade process itself. The requirements, which affect the trade flow directly, are chosen by the Vendor during the offer creation process. These settings are payment method specific. Here is an overview of the new feature, which is named as Trade Page Lite.

Please note: For now, this option is available for PayPal Sell offers only.


Offer creation

Trading as Bitcoin Seller

Trading as Bitcoin Buyer

Offer creation

In order to make this feature activated, it is necessary to contact our Customer Experience Team.

With the simplified version, you go through a similar process as with the classic version. However, you will have additional payment specific requirements to choose from. Chat will be avoided as trade instructions and requirements will be integrated into the trade flow. Here is an example of such a process with a PayPal offer:

You create a usual offer to sell your bitcoins.



On step 2, you will have these additional fields to fill in:


1. List of options which will be requested before the payment can be made.

Please note: ID request can be removed in case if the vendor has already traded with the buyer before and if the buyer has successfully verified his ID with our Compliance Team.

 2. A file that will be requested after the payment has been made.

3. PayPal email to make the payment which will be shown to a buyer once you will approve the buyer’s ID.

Trading as Bitcoin Seller

Step 1

When a trade starts, you will see this page. Here and from now on you will have an option to switch to classic chat trade:


Wait for the buyer to upload his ID. Meanwhile, you have the option to switch to regular chat mode by clicking on “Request chat”.

Once the buyer has sent you his docs, you will have the following options to choose from:

1. View the file uploaded by the buyer.

2. Accept the file and proceed.

3. Reject the file and make the buyer try another file.

4. Switch to the classic chat page.


If all is good, click “Accept” to proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Please wait for the buyer to make the payment. If necessary, start a chat with a trade partner by clicking on “Request chat”.


Once the buyer has confirmed making the payment, you can do the following:

1. View the proof of payment.

2. Confirm receiving the payment.

3. Release BTC if all is OK.

4. Request chat to clarify certain details.

5. Start a dispute in case of an issue with the payment or suspicious actions from the buyer’s side.


In an ideal scenario, you simply confirm the payment and click “Release BTC”.

Step 3

After a successful trade, do not forget to leave feedback by clicking “Leave feedback”


Trading as Bitcoin Buyer

You start a trade as usual:



Step 1

You will see this page. Here you can:

1. Upload ID files requested by the seller.

2. Cancel the trade if something went wrong.


After clicking “Upload” button, please choose the necessary files:

1. Upload a file from your device.

2. Provide a direct link to a file.

3. Make and upload a photo of an ID.


To proceed click “Upload”:


The following options will appear:

1. Delete the uploaded file and retry.

2. Send files to the vendor.

3. Cancel the trade.

If you are ready, click “Send to vendor”.


Please note: The seller any time may switch your trade to classic chat version.

Step 2

While you are waiting for the seller to review your docs, you can cancel the trade:


Once your ID will be accepted, you can do the following:

1. Upload the proof of payment the same way as with ID.

2. Cancel the trade.


After the payment and the upload you can:

1. Remove the file and retry.

2. Click “Payment complete” and proceed.

3. Cancel the trade.


If you are sure that the payment has been made successfully, click “Payment complete”.

Step 3

While you are waiting for the vendor to confirm the payment and release BTC, you can cancel the trade:


In case of success, you will see the following page:


Now you can leave feedback to your trade partner. 

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