Contact support

Paxful has one of the best 24/7 customer support teams.

The fastest way to contact support is via live chat. To enable live chat, all you have to do is click on the chat button on the bottom right of the screen.


You can message them any time and a moderator should get to you eventually. Be patient as they might be serving another customer at the moment, but they will get to your issue as soon as they can.

Another way to contact support is through email. The support email is and nothing else. If anyone claims that they are Paxful support and they DON’T have that email, DO NOT respond. 

Please note: Paxful support will never contact you outside of or live chat. Please be aware that Paxful support never asks you for your password. Please never give any personal information, account details and never send any bitcoins to anyone who is pretending to be Paxful support. Paxful support will never use a personal Paxful account to contact you.

If you follow all the tips given, a team member from our customer support should be able to help you. 

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