Reporting a problem

Reporting bad users is a way to keep yourself and the community safe.

Users can either report an offer or report a trade.

Report an offer - If you’re buying bitcoin and come across an offer that is sketchy, then you can report it by going to the offer and scrolling down until you see “Report a problem”. It will then ask you for the type of your report: outside escrow/ bad offer terms/ obvious scam. Choose one, type your description and then click the report button.

Report a scam - If you’re selling bitcoin and feel that you have been scammed by the buyer, you can scroll down on the trade page and you’ll see “Report a scam”. It will then ask for the type of report: chargeback/ used gift card code. Type a description of what happened and if you can, attach images as proof. Click “Submit Report” and the report will be filed.

Report a problem - Buyers can also report a problem inside the trade, regardless if the trade is successful or not. The “Report Problem” button is on the same location as “Report Scam”. Buyers can report vendors for abusive language, unresponsiveness, ripping gift cards, outside escrow trades, etc. With this, you’ll also need to fill out a description box. You must be the payment owner and be able to attach a valid proof.

All these reports will be reviewed by moderators and you should receive an update via email if the report has been approved or dismissed.  Please make sure that you have submitted enough evidence and a detailed explanation of the problem.

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